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Fundación Sacha Tebó “I work with 1,102 agencies. Here’s what’s working for fulfillment now”

From: Mirella Kimpton
Subject: I work with 1,102 agencies. Here’s what’s working for fulfillment now

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Getting right to it, I can get your client’s results by booking them meetings with leads who are already searching for the solution they offer.

Facebook has published a public case study on us and we have partnered with over 1,000 agencies to service 30,000 businesses.

We handle everything from client onboarding to getting feedback from clients and ensuring any adjustments are made and expectations are set to see success and retain them monthly.

Recently, we have noticed a change in the market with what’s working for fufillment.

We are seeing the best results across the board right now from our Google Ads (PPC) and SEO efforts specifically.

It’s a great upsell opportunity (which is ideal to combat a downmarket or rising client acquisition costs) or a great core offer for your agency.

I give this advice from over 30,000 data points so if you’re interested, let’s chat (:

Here is my scheduler:


PS – I won’t see your response on here so if you have a question, please book a call (:

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