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Fundación Sacha Tebó “Hi there, your’s web form security is compromized!”

From: Lester S.
Subject: Hi there, your’s web form security is compromized!

Message Body:

I just check through your this website’s contact us form and found that your form security is compromized. I believe you may have got massive spam by now. I am a freelance website developer. I can help you to secure it to stop others from spamming it.

This message is not a spam, I manually filling up this form, not bot. Please be kind with your reply though, I am a real hardworking dude that just offering my time and service only.

If you are not a decision maker, appreciate if you can forward this email to your immediate supervisor.

Thank you,

Este E-mail ha sido enviado desde un formulario de contacto de la fundación Tebó (

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